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Pets face so many threats to their health and wellness, and some of the biggest dangers issue from the smallest enemies -- such as mosquitos, which can cause a potentially deadly heartworm infestation in your pet. Heartworm is notoriously difficult (and sometimes even impossible) to treat effectively, but you can keep it away from your pet through the proper preventative care. Either veterinarian here at Clinton Hill Animal Hospital, Dr. Dendtler or Dr. Gooden, will be happy to provide heartworm prevention in Brooklyn.

Heartworm Prevention

A Deadly Danger to Your Pet's Heart and Lungs

The worms for which heartworm is named actually get their start in your pet's body as larvae which have been injected into the bloodstream through a mosquito bite. The larvae migrate to the heart and lungs, where they grow into long, thin worms. In dogs, the number of these worms can reach the hundreds, resulting in major cardiopulmonary impairment and eventual heart/lung failure. Dogs may live with these worms for years, showing increasing signs of respiratory distress, fatigue, and general illness as the infestation worsens.

Cat's bodies respond to heartworm somewhat differently, but with no less serious results. The number of worms may be much lower, but they can produce violent autoimmune reactions as well as a debilitating respiratory problem called Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease (HARD). Seizures, fainting spells, or even sudden death may occur.

Your Brooklyn Veterinarian Can Help Keep Heartworm at Bay

While heartworm in dogs can be treated, the procedure is a long and arduous one, and it doesn't always work the first time. Cats are fortunate because the worms that invade their bodies are more likely to spontaneously die off -- but they're also unfortunate in that the treatment that works for dogs would be fatal for them, leaving them with no safe treatment protocol whatsoever. Clearly, prevention is the key to keeping your pet free of heartworm -- and your Brooklyn veterinarian can help.

A regular course of monthly preventative medications, started as early as safely possible and continued for life, can wipe out heartworm larvae before they have a chance to become mature worms. Some of today's heartworm medications also protect against other kinds of worms and even fleas, allowing us to safeguard your pet against multiple parasitic threats at once. It's absolutely critical that you administer this medication every month without fail because even a few larvae growing into adult worms can lead to major problems. 

Protect Your Pet Against Heartworm -- Call Clinton Hill Animal Hospital

We offer a free consultation for new patients, so if your pet is new to us, why not devote that free first visit to helping him receive the heartworm protection he needs? Call Clinton Hill Animal Hospital at 718-623-3999 to schedule this important appointment with our Brooklyn veterinarian. We want to help your pet live a happy, healthy, heartworm-free life!

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  • "To Dr Dendtler and Staff, I cant begin to tell you how impressed I am with the loving care you have given to my cat Baxter, before and after the much needed surgery. Baxter is so pleased with the outcome; he goes around purring all day."
    Thanks again. -Estelle P.
  • "Dear Pamella, We want to thank all of you so much, not only for the loving care and consideration you showed us last Thursday when we had to say goodbye to Gericho but also for all the years of check-ups and other crisis' that we went through with him. We know it was your good efforts that allowed him to live a full and vigorous 16 years that gave us so much pleasure. Please know that we have always found your staff to be so courteous and helpful all these years."
    Thank you. -Cathy W.
  • "Dear Dr. Dendtler, You were very thorough and caring in treating Buddy. You explained clearly how to protect my dog. I have been to many clinics but you are the best. You were very professional and compassionate. Buddy and I are very grateful. Thanks ever so much to you and your staff."
    John L.
  • "Hi Dr Dendtler, Thank you so very much for fixing my eye. I can see clearly now…I can see all obstacles in my way! Love Vernell R"
    Vernell R.

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