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Anal Sacculectomy

Important Information about Anal Sacculectomy for Pets

While most pet owners are familiar with the term “anal gland secretion,” many pet owners are unfamiliar with an anal sacculectomy. An anal sacculectomy is the surgical process of removing an animal’s anal glands. Below, we review the signs your pet might have an issue, the causes of anal gland issues, and some common reasons pet owners might consider the surgery to have their pets’ anal glands removed. To learn more about this surgery, contact us at Clinton Hill Animal Clinic, proudly serving the Brooklyn area.


Signs Your Pet May Have an Issue with Its Anal Glands 

The number one sign your pets might need to see our vet about their anal glands is scooting across the floor. Another sign is blood or puss in their stool. Redness around the anus is also a sign there may be an issue. 

What Can Cause Anal Gland Problems? 

Certain breeds are more susceptible to anal gland issues than others. It is much less common for cats and larger dogs. However, smaller dogs, especially miniature breeds, tend to have issues.

Obesity is one reason dogs develop issues with their anal glands and might need them to be removed. The type of diet your pets eat can also play a role in anal gland issues. Pets who have a diet that is rich in fiber are less likely to develop anal gland issues, as their stools tend to be firmer. 

Why Do Pet Owners Consider Anal Gland Removal?

There are many reasons why pet owners might consider having this surgery performed on their dogs or cats. One of the main reasons pet owners consider this is frequent anal gland impaction and anal gland infection. Anal gland impaction occurs when the glands become plugged, typically due to inflammation. If this occurs, it can be excruciatingly painful for pets. Anal gland removal will prevent gland impaction and infection from happening in the future. 

Another reason a pet owner might consider this surgery is that it will eliminate the need to bring pets to the vet to have the pets' anal glands expressed. While this procedure is simple, for many pets, going to a vet can be stressful, and the surgery reduces the number of visits to the vet for a pet. 

Odor and hygiene are other reasons many pet owners consider surgery. It is not uncommon for pets' anal glands to leak. When the glands leak, it can cause an odor problem around your house. In addition, when the glands leak, it ends up on the bed, couch, and other places which can make your home less sanitary. 

Trust Our Veterinarian with Your Pet’s Anal Sacculectomy

If you are a pet owner in the Brooklyn area and believe your pet might be suffering from ongoing anal gland issues, contact our animal hospital today. Our staff at Clinton Hill Animal Clinic is happy to discuss further the possibility of anal gland surgery for your pet and answer any questions you have.

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