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Eye Lid Tumours

Pet Eye Lid Tumors: Causes & Treatment

Tumors on a dog’s eye or eye lid can appear as discolorations or spots. These manifestations are not always tumors, but they can be. Tumors can appear on the surface of the eye, in the eye itself, or on the eye lid.


More often than not, these tumors are not cancerous, but they should always be treated seriously. If your dog has developed a tumor on, in, or near his eye, you should bring him in for examination by your veterinarian at a local animal hospital as soon as possible. Your pet’s health and life may depend on your quick action.

Types of Canine Eye Tumors:

  • Canine eyelid neoplasia: This common canine eye lid tumor is known as a sebaceous gland adenoma. These are usually benign and can be remedied with surgery.
  • Limbal Melanoma: Appearing as a brown mass on the portion of the eye between the sclera and the iris, this can be treated using cryotherapy, sclerectomy, or keratectomy.
  • Posterior Segment Neoplasia: One of the rarer canine eye tumors, this develops in the posterior (rear) part of the eye. 
  • Ocular Metastases: This develops in the choroid and uvia. It can be an indication of cancer in the mammary glands or uterus. 
  • Uveal Canine Lymphoma: A common type of canine eye tumor, this serious condition is usually caused by cancer or neoplasia that has spread from other parts of the body. 
  • Cilary Body Neoplasia: Appearing as a red or pink mass in the pupil, this can trigger glaucoma and can be corrected using surgical techniques. 
  • Orbital Neoplasia: This type of tumor develops in the tissues lining the cavity that holds the eye in place. It can spread to the sinuses or nasal cavity.
  • Iris Melanoma: The most common canine eye tumor, these begin with changes in pigment in the iris. They can develop over years and can sometimes trigger glaucoma. 

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Canine Eye Tumors

Changes in pigmentation, itching, or frequent rubbing or tearing at the eye are the most common symptoms. If your dog is frequently rubbing or scratching at her eyes, it is critical to bring her into Clinton Hill Animal Clinic in Brooklyn for an examination as soon as possible.

While most of these conditions are usually not cancerous in nature, any and all eye an eye lid tumors should be treated as soon as possible to prevent subsequent damage, the spread of possible cancer, or other serious threats to your dog’s health.

Get in touch with the professionals at Clinton Hill Animal Clinic as soon as possible to protect the health and happiness of your best friend. Give us a call at 718-623-3999 to set up an appointment.

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