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Pet Skin Allergies

Pets experience allergies just as humans do. Unfortunately, they are unable to tell us when they have sniffles or itch. At Clinton Hill Animal Clinic, we have years of experience providing Brooklyn pet owners with pet allergy treatment. We will first work to identify what is causing your pet to experience allergic reactions and provide treatment accordingly. Common causes of pet skin allergies include ticks, fleas, and skin irritation.


Veterinary Care for Your Allergy-Prone Pet

Our veterinarian will assess your pets' symptoms, conduct a physical exam, and review your pet’s medical history. Skin tests may also be conducted to give our veterinarian deeper insight into your pet’s condition. After tests have been taken and reviewed, our team will provide you with the best treatment plan and medication for your pet to overcome their allergies.

How to Tell if Your Pet Has Allergies

Signs that your pet is having an allergic reaction include:

  • • Hair loss
  • • Excessive licking or scratching
  • • Shaking
  • • Inflamed red, dry, or flaky skin
  • • Presence of ticks or fleas
  • • Upset stomach or diarrhea

Causes of Skin Irritation in Your Pet

The goal of our veterinary team is to find the underlying cause of your pets' allergies. Some common causes include:

  • • Atopic dermatitis: Allergies are caused when a pet comes in contact with allergens in their environment such as pollen, dust, or mold.
  • • Fleas and ticks: Bites from parasites such as fleas and ticks can cause Lyme disease or tapeworms.
  • • Hormonal or auto-immune issues: These conditions can cause lupus and other skin issues. 

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Brooklyn for Skin Allergy Treatment

If you are looking for pet skin allergy treatment in Brooklyn, the veterinary professionals at Clinton Hill Animal Clinic are ready to assist you. For more information on the services available at our animal hospital or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us today at (718) 623-3999.

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  • "Roxy and i loved our experience with Clinton hill, and our doctor was amazing! She explained everything and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this vet clinic!"
    Amanda Hodge
  • "Always excellent professional care. Staff are empathetic towards pets and pet parents. I highly recommend this clinic. My dogs have been under care there for the past eight years."
    Frances Haile
  • "I wish there was a way to give 10 stars. It was the absolute best experience for us and our cats. The guy it the front desk I’m so sorry I forgot your name but he was extremely patient, thorough and took the time to answer every question we had. The doctor was caring and extremely knowledgeable about cats. It was the best experience 10 stars!"
    Brian Bee
  • "This place specializes in creating great relationships with owners and pets. I've been with Dr. Pamela Dendtler since 2003 ! Awesome care and service."
    Diedre Yvonne Gary
  • "To Dr Dendtler and Staff, I cant begin to tell you how impressed I am with the loving care you have given to my cat Baxter, before and after the much needed surgery. Baxter is so pleased with the outcome; he goes around purring all day."
    Thanks again. -Estelle P.
  • "Dear Dr. Dendtler, You were very thorough and caring in treating Buddy. You explained clearly how to protect my dog. I have been to many clinics but you are the best. You were very professional and compassionate. Buddy and I are very grateful. Thanks ever so much to you and your staff."
    John L.
  • "Hi Dr Dendtler, Thank you so very much for fixing my eye. I can see clearly now…I can see all obstacles in my way! Love Vernell R"
    Vernell R.

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